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Chat Transcript - November 29, 1999
11 am EST/8 am PST

Welcome to The Odyssey Live Chats from Cairo, Egypt! Several middle school students, ages 8-13, will be joining us live from Cairo, hosted by Trekkers Kavitha, Jasmine, and Monica.

<Moderator> Welcome to the World Trek Chat! Any questions you have for Trekker Monica in Egypt - go ahead and send them in!

<Monica> I'm here with Alex, Amanda, and Zane who are 11, 11, and 13 at the Cairo American College in Mrs. Mudawar's classroom...

<Alex> Hello from Cairo!! I'm 11 years old. I'm a girl. I'm in sixth grade. I own a horse. I ride her at the pyramids every weekend.

<zane> My name is Zane Lababidi and I am in 7th grade. The school I go to is CAC and my age is 13 years old

<GDOD (Chicago, Ill)> Hi! Here's a question to each of you - what do you want to be when you grow up?

<Alex> I want to be a professional horse backrider

<Amanda> My name is Amanda Cooke. I am 11 years old. I'm in sixth grade. When I grow up I would like to be a marine biologist so I cam swim with the dolphins.

<Jessica (Portland, OR)> How many students in your class? Do you learn English in school?

<Alex> In our school we have many diffrent classes so we do not have designated amount of students in our classes. Yes we do learn English.

<Amanda> At our middle school we do not have classes but periods. Our classrooms and teachers vary. Therefore the amount of students in each class vary. In sixth grade you have 6 core classes (English, Math, Integrated Extension, Social Studies, and P.E) and two electives of our choice. Right now I am in Desktop Publishing and Photography. Usually we have 15-20 students in each class.

<Zane> We have 10 to 20 students in our class and we do learn English because this school is American. How many kids do you have in your class?

<Katy (Portland, OR)> What does that mean - the school is American? Are your parents American?

<Amanda> No! It just means that we speak the American language and study according to the American Curriculum. All nationalities are excepted at our school.

<Zane> My mom is American but my dad is Lebanese. So I am an Arab-American.

<Alex> It means that we have American system. Yes, my parents are American.

<Daniel (Portland, OR)> We have 25 kids in our class. We're also in 6th grade. We have one teacher, who teaches all different subjects - math, reading, writing. Sometimes we have a science lab, or an art lab.

<Amanda> That is mainly how we worked it in elementary. We had one teacher also except for specials like music, art, computer lab, library, etc.

<Jennifer (NC)> How long have you lived in Cairo? Do you like living in Egypt?

<Alex> I was born in the States but then I moved to Indonesia and I lived there for 5 years and then to Thailand for 3 years and then here in Cairo for three years....

<Alex> I like living in Egypt.

<Zane> I've lived in Cairo for about ten years and am almost fluent in Arabic. English and Arabic are my first languages

<Amanda> I have lived in Cairo for 5 years. I like living in Egypt because my friends are here and I am used to here. All my teachers are nice and I love my school. Even though there are not cool things to do here like movies and rinks, this is home!

<Amanda> How old is everyone who is chatting with us?

<Moderator> We've got a couple of American classrooms with us - ranging from sixth grade (11) to highschool (17).

<Jennifer (NC)> What do you mean - no movies and rinks? Aren't there movie theaters in Cairo?

<Amanda> There are movie theaters Jennifer but they only show one movie at a time. They also have skating rinks but it is just plastic with vegetable oil on it.

<Zane> Yes there are movies here in Cairo. Although scenes can be censored but they're still as good as movies in America.

<Monica> The students are here in a computer lab with me and we're munching on pizza and answering your questions. They have some questions of their own, too, so feel free to write whatever you want...

<Alex> Where is the best place to live the the States?

<Zane> Is anybody from Colorado or New York on this chat?

<GDOD (Chicago, Ill)> The best place to live is Illinois!

<Amanda> The best place to live is Mandiville, Louisiana!

<Rachel (Portland, OR)> I love Portland - its beautiful here - when it isn't raining! What are your favorite spare time activities?

<Monica> Here at the CAC there are at least 50 different nationalities represented, but the great majority are American...

<Monica> My favorite activities are writing Trek dispatches for you all, and meeting students like Zane, Alex, and Amanda all over the world...It's fun to know that students are the same wherever you go.

<Zane> I spend my spare time either playing nintendo/gameboy, watching tv, and also spending the night at my friends' house.

<Amanda> My favorite spare time activities are horseback riding, reading, writing, and listening to music.

<Alex> I like to ride my horse and watch T.V. I usually do not have time to do these things though.

<Zane> Some other hobbies are going to musuems and galleries. Also I like surfing the internet.

<Johnny (NC)> What are your favorite TV shows? books? music?

<Alex> Monica just asked me if my horse had a name, and its name is Java, not after the computer stuff but because first I was going to name it a fruit, and I thought Java was a fruit but then I figured it was actually guava, but then I named her Java anyway.

<Zane> My favorite shows are Simpsons, Spiderman, X-men, Avengers, and recently I find amusing Pokemon. The show for Pokemon is so retarded that its funny.

<Amanda> I like Nickelodeon. Espacially Doup and Clarissa explains it all.I like almost all books espacially murder mysteries. I like Backstreet Boys, Celeion Dion, Britanny Spears, and such

<Alex> My favorite show is CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL. I like TLC.

<Zane> What are your favorite shows??

<Amanda> Not Doup Doug!

<Alex> Does any one like cats?

< Jessica & Katy (OR)>We love cats!

<Zane> The music I like is Beastie Boys and some other songs. Destiny's Child is a good group too.

<Amanda> What math level are y'all in? I am in Algebra even though I'm in sixth grade.

<GDOD (CHICAGO,ILL)> My favorite show is the Simpsons!

<Jim (NC)> All the stuff you like is the same here. What are your favorite Egyptian things?

<Zane> what do you mean Egyptioan things. Probably going to historic places or musuems. Overall, I usually go to the opera house which is also a theater.

<Alex> I like going to the Khan. The Khan is the old market in the center of Cairo. You can buy all kinds of neat stuff there.

<Amanda> My favorite Egyptain city is Aswan because its clean. I love the Khan which is like a big market place. I also like the Sphinx. I love things that I got in Egypt. For example, brass models of the pyramids, statues (small) and that sort of thing.

<Karen(NC)> Can you see pyramids out your window?

<Alex> No

<Amanda> No! Unless you live in Giza you can't see the pyramids.

<Zane> I happen to live in Giza, so I can see the pyramids very well. The sunsets here in Cairo are beautiful, too!!

<Jeremy (Portland, OR)> Do you commonly see camels, because we never have.

<Zane> Yes, I do. Usually walking across the bridge.

<Amanda> We see camels whenever we get out of the urban areas in Egypt.

<Monica> I just *rode* a camel for the first time, and it was so much fun! It was near Mt. Sinai, which is in the Sinai peninsula. The camel had long, long eyelashes and its name was "Girdaus", which is a Bedouin name. Girdaus was 15 years old.

<Kara(GREENVILLE,NH)> I have rode a camel before too!!!

<Zane> kewl

<Monica> Where did YOU ride a camel? In New Hampshire are they commonly seen?

<Alex> Where did you ride your Camel?

<KARA (GREENVILLE,NH)> I rode a camel at the Greenville,Zoo

<Alex> I have ridden one too. I rode at the pyramids.

<Pepper (Greenville)> Do you have a dog, Zane?

<Zane> No, I don't have one. I had cat once before it died.

<GDOD (Chicago,Ill)> Amanda, is Algebra hard, because that's our next chapter!

<Amanda> Algebra is so easy its not even funny. Algebra is so easy because all it is so far is equations, order of operations, graphing linear equations with one or two variables.

<Pepper> I have 2 dogs. I also have a guinea pig.

<Alex> Wow

<Zane> Whoa

<Amanda> I have a dog, a chiwawa, called Carmel. She looks exactly like the Taco Bell dog.

<Zane> Awesome Amanda!

<Amanda> My chiwawa is cool but that's the only pet I have.

<Gdod (CHICAGO,ILL)> Zane, I have three cats! Amanda, I asked for a Chiwawa for Christmas

<Kara (Greenville. NH)> I am now with Katie K. She says HI!

<Amanda> See ya ya'll (I'm from Texas if you didn't know) It was nice chatting. GOODBYE from Egypt

<Zane> Goodbye people, I need to go home because I need to finish a project. GOODBYE

<Alex> I have to go now. TaTa

<Moderator> Thank you so much for joining us from Cairo and around the world! We'll be back with another chat in just an hour. See you soon!

<Monica> Zane and Amanda have signed off for now because they have to go home and eat dinner, but Alex will be back online in an hour for the second chat.... Thanks for joining us!


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<Zane> Do anybody like Pokemon? If you do, talk to me.