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Lots of people have studied Egypt because it has a long, exciting history. With its big deserts and secret treasures, Egypt is a place of mystery. Still, there is so much that is not known. Come step into this world of wonder and surprise... let's explore some of Egypt's many Unsolved Mysteries!

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A star chart in the temple of Dendara.
We know that the Egyptians studied the stars because they drew maps of the stars on temple walls. Some people even think the Egyptians knew that the earth was not the center of the universe. Could they have even known that the earth was round more than 5,000 years before Columbus sailed west to prove it?

Vocabulary Box:

unsolved - to not have an answer for.
port - a town or city by the sea where ships dock.

One of the Egyptian kings built the first lighthouse to guide ships into the port of Alexandria at night. This lighthouse was one of the seven ancient wonders of the world. It had a lens that could reflect light far out to sea. Could the scientists of ancient Alexandria have discovered the 'lens' hundreds of years before we thought it was created?

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What do the symbols look like to you?
The ancient Egyptians wanted to be buried at a place called Abydos that they thought was sacred. Special symbols were carved in the walls. Look for yourself... what do you see? A helicopter? A tank? A UFO? On a temple wall that was built over 3,000 years ago?! How could that be? Just another Unsolved Mystery!


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