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What's That Noise Coming From Inside the Crypt?


As the sun climbed the sky over the Egyptian desert, I hurried past the crumbled stone wall, through the large courtyard and into the giant hall. Little did I know, but I was in Hathor's Temple, the temple for the beautiful daughter of the Sun-God Ra.

As I stared up at the bats flying around Hathor's temple, a haunting, deep drone started echoing around me. I walked through the empty hallways, barely noticing the beautiful carvings on the walls. I was drawn to the sound as if Hathor herself was calling me deeper in to her temple.

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Hanging out in the crypt
'Where was that sound coming from?' I thought. It was so unlike anything I had ever heard before, and it seemed to come from below me. The squeak of a bat caught my attention. When I turned to walk towards it, I almost tripped and fell! I had stumbled upon a trap doorway with stairs leading down into a dark hallway. It appeared the sound was coming from deep within the crypt...

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It was spooky but also beautiful
'No way! You are not going down a dark don't even have a flashlight!' I thought. But I was already on my way down, entranced by the music. As I entered the pitch blackness of the cool crypt, the sound was louder and was echoing off the stone walls around me. I was afraid to step in any direction, for I had no idea at what was ahead of me.

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Just one of the amazing designs covering the wall of the crypt
It was spooky but also beautiful
Then there was a flash of light and I could make out a hand holding a lighter and a figure crouched and blowing into a long tube. It wasn't an evil spirit luring me to the underworld; but someone playing a didgeridoo, an instrument of the Aborigines of Australia! All of a sudden the lights went on. A temple guard came down the stairs; he too was curious about the strange sound.

I was glad to have the lights on and soon made my exit. The musicians came out as well. They were very nice and explained that they were sorry for scaring anyone. They hadn't realized there were even lights in the crypt at all and so didn't think to turn them on!


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