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Valley of the Dead


With Halloween having passed, I'm sure you had your share of thrills! I had a spook-tacular time! There's no better way to spend a creepy holiday than in a huge, lonely place that's full of dead people- like the Valley of the Kings, here in Luxor, which is also known as THE VALLEY OFTHE DEAD!!! OoooohhhAHH AHHH AHHHH AHHHHH!!! (scary laugh) Sounds like all of the best ingredients to cook up a scary Halloween, right? Maybe for me, but for Egyptians death isn't scary, and Egyptians don't even celebrate Halloween!

Ancient Egyptians considered death to be a step into an after life, and how you made the transition was very important. Especially if you are as important a person as a Pharoah. Mummies of the great Pharaohs, their families, and their workers were all buried in the Valley of the Kings in awesome tombs filled with all the Pharaoh's wealth. The Gates of the King at the entrance of the Valley are guarded by two great statues of Pharoahs - each are about 60 feet high (about the height of a 3 or 4 story building)!

The Pharaohs chose to be buried in this valley because they thought it made a good hiding place for their bodies and riches. Unfortunately, many tombs were robbed. One famous tomb that wasn't robbed is that of King Tutenkamen. King Tut died young and was actually not a very important King - but the amount of fabulous wealth in his tomb shows how rich the Pharaohs were. King Tut's tomb contained three small rooms crammed with furniture, statues, chariots, musical instruments, weapons, boxes, jars and food, all of which are now in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

So although there were no ghosts and goblins hiding in this valley - there were a few mummies with a long history and plenty of stories to tell!


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