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Time Travel to the New Kingdom

"Woah..." was all we could say when we saw the great Luxor Temple. The ruins of the huge temple, with its towering columns and colossal statues of ancient rulers, created an eerie but beautiful scene next to the shimmering black Nile.

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The entrance to the Valley of the Sphinxes
"I wonder what this temple was built for..." I thought out loud.

We decided to get some rest after our long day's journey, and wake up early to tackle some of our questions about this amazing temple the next day.

We both grew silent, falling asleep thinking about life in Egypt thousands of years ago...the time of Pharaohs and the sun god Ra who controlled the flood of the mighty Nile River and decided whether villages would remain or be washed away.

If only we could just travel back in time and visit the temples as they were thousands of years ago. Maybe then we wouldn't be so confused...maybe then all these ruins and kingdoms would make sense to us...

As the full moon passed through the night sky, Ra rose again in the east...

When we awoke, the small boys were still fishing by the banks of the Nile, the women were still harvesting the wheat from the fields, and the fellahin (peasant or agricultural laborer) were still ploughing the fields. But something was different...

"Excuse me sir...where are we?" we asked a man carrying a large bundle of grass.

"Thebes of course!" he laughed and carried on his way.

"He's probably just getting a kick out of tricking the tourists!" I said to Jasmine. "It says here in our book that Thebes was the 4,000 year old capital of Egypt that modern day Luxor was built upon." We decided to head back to the Luxor Temple to check it out by daylight.

When we arrived there was a huge wall blocking our view. "I don't remember this wall here yesterday.".

"Neither do I," we looked at each other confused.

We walked around to the front where we saw six huge statues of the great Ramses II. Ramses II was Egypt's longest ruling Pharaoh, who ruled from 1279-1213 BC.

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King Ramses was a big guy
"Something strange is going on Jasmine. I don't remember so many sphinxes here."

"I don't know what's going on here...but let's follow the sphinxes and see where they lead us!"

After walking for well over a mile, we finally saw something in the distance. It looked like a temple, but it was much bigger than the temple of Luxor.

"That must be the Temple of Karnak!" I realized. "The avenue of the Sphinxes was leading directly to it!"

From there, Jasmine and I wandered from one great temple to the next, admiring the hieroglyphics carved on the stone walls.

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A chariot races through ancient Egypt
"This is so amazing," said Jasmine. "I never imagined Thebes would be so beautiful."

"I know what you mean," replied Kavitha. "I wonder what is over there, near..."


Jasmine's loud alarm clock went off, waking the two of them up.

"Oh, no" said Kavitha. "That was all just a dream. We're back in present day Egypt. I guess we'll just have to go find out what the Temple really looks like, right Jasmine?"

"Let's get to it!" said Jasmine.


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