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One If by Sand, Two If There's No Available Camel

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Yeah! I'm going to see the Pyramids
If you wanted to visit the ancient pyramids of Egypt, how would you get there? Well, first you'd have to fly across the sky or sail the ocean on a boat, if you lived in the United States anyway. But if you were already in Egypt, you'd have some more down—to—earth choices!

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Sami stops to check out the view
My guide, Sami, and I set off through the crowded streets of Egypt's capital city, Cairo, in search of something, anything! that would take us to the pyramids! We could see them in the distance, beyond the shiny skyscrapers of the modern city and across the desert where pharaohs ruled thousands of years ago!

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The local school bus of Abu Sir
Children followed us, calling "Hello! Hello!" and asking "What's your name?" Some of them were leading donkeys and camels—could we borrow those for the trip? Nope. They were loaded down with huge packs. They were working that day and couldn't take time out for a quick trip to the pyramids.

We thought about taking a car, but were scared off by the thought of sitting in traffic all day. Cairo is packed to the gills with millions of people and lots of cars. Ever hear of smog? It's a dirty haze which hangs over the city from so much exhaust and pollution! We decided to skip the car!

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Lawrence of Arabia eat your heart out!
The pyramids of Abu Sir
Finally it hit us: the perfect way to cross the desert is on horseback! We hired two horses and off we went, at a full gallop across the sand! We reached the pyramids in no time, and were led inside where we saw carvings and drawings of birds and snakes, and really old writing. People in ancient times held funerals for their pharaohs inside pyramids, and worshipped them there after they were gone.

I wonder if anyone will worship us when we're gone!


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