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Longing for My Purple Rose of Cairo

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Keepin' in touch with all my world trek
Before I began the World Trek I was asked to respond to the question, "What are you most afraid of?" In my answer I specifically said I was afraid of becoming ill over the course of the Trek. There was always the fear that one or more of us would get sick. None of us knew when it would happen, or just how bad it would be. Well, I made it around the Darien Jungle, through South America, into Southern Africa and all the way through the West African nations without any serious problems. But my luck ran out by the time I reached Senegal when I got hit with malaria and dysentery at the same time!

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Hey guys, what's this yellow stuff they are feeding me???
After recovering under the gentle care of a clinic and "my four moms," I knew I'd have to take a break from the Trek. I flew from Dakar, Senegal to Tel Aviv, Israel to rest and regain my strength. The plan then was for me to make a speedy recovery and rejoin the Trekkers in Cairo, Egypt, just 10 hours by bus from Tel Aviv. But I'm still feeling less than 100%, and am not yet ready to Trek on.

In 1985, Woody Allen put out a film in which a fictitious character named Tom Baxter, "Adventurer and Explorer," actually walked off the screen of a movie called "The Purple Rose of Cairo" to meet a woman in the audience and experience life in the "real" world. His on-screen pals were unable to proceed with the plot and were forced to wait for him to return to their world.

Like Tom Baxter, I also had to leave my world of traveling, adventure and exploration. Also like Tom, I'm spending my time out with my girlfriend, Tamar. The other Trekkers are trekking on without me, but they're also waiting for me to return.

I still hope to make it to Cairo, but if not I'll see the Trekkers for sure when they come to Israel right after the Egypt stage. The four of them have exciting times ahead, and that means that all of you do, too. Israel is a small country, but things happen here which make international headlines all the time. Israel just elected a new prime minister and government, and everyone's waiting to see how they'll be different from the ones before. Our theme here will be "The Nature of Conflict" and you will soon see that Israel is a country made up of many different people whose personal views and experiences are in great contrast to one another much like the variation found in the country's coastline, farmland, sea, desert, mountains, valleys, cities, and villages.

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Me and my
Until then, I'll spend my days relaxing and preparing for the next stage of the Trek. Every morning I pick up an English version of Ha'Aretz, one of Israel's leading newspapers, and the International Herald Tribune (a favorite among English speakers living abroad). I've also been reading several books, since reading is the perfect thing to do when you're sick. And I'm brushing up on my Hebrew (with Teacher Tamar!), an ancient language we'll tell you lots more about soon. I've even gone out to see parts of Tel Aviv, and most recently went with Tamar to see "Tosca" at the New Israeli Opera.

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Feeling a bit
I get e-mail all the time from Jasmine, Kavitha, Abeja and Monica asking when I'll rejoin them. Until that happens, whether it's searching for ancient cultures, faraway lands, service organizations or even the Purple Rose of Cairo, they'll carry on the quest.

Oh yeah. Eventually Tom Baxter returns to his on-screen friends and adventures, and everyone in the audience is happy. I too will return very soon to my real-life friends and adventures!


p.s. - Please e-mail me at

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