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Monica Dispatch

Crack This Case! Searching out Antoni Gaudi

Help Inspector Monica find the Spanish architect's works!

14 October 1999. Filed yesterday: a report by Inspector Monica from Spain, seeking your assistance in solving several mysteries. Inspector M writes that the Trekkers crossed the Strait of Gibraltar successfully and are continuing with their voyage through Europe en route to Egypt. While in Barcelona, she stumbled across a verrryyy interrresting clue in this regional capital of Catalunya province, northern Spain.

Missing Piece FOUND!
It was a tiny clue. Facts: small circle, orange glazed tile, flowery black interior. Our fearless inspector searched the city of 1.5 million for the missing owner of this item. Yesterday, M announced success in locating the rightful home: a park bench, considered the largest in the world at 499 ft (152m). Location: the Gran Plaša Circular, in Parc Guell, north of downtown. Built by: Josep Jujol, in collaboration with Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona's most famous architect.

While in Barcelona, Inspector Monica found many other clues. WANTED: Your help in finding where these clues fit to GaudÝ's sites around Barcelona!! For each of the following sites designed by Gaudi, see if you can guess what it is you're looking at. Ready... Set... Go!  

Click on the clues to find the whole picture!
Parc Guell pillars
Parc Guell bench
Parc Guell columns
Parc Guell Gaudi's house

Parc Guell

Facts: Commissioned as a garden estate on 50 acres.
Built 1910-1914 but abandoned as a commercial flop.
Highlights: 84 crooked pillars in the Sala Hipostila.
Gaudi lived in gingerbread house 1906-1926.

Click on the clues to find the whole picture!

Face shapes on the roof La Perdrera (Casa MilÓ), the "Stone Quarry"
Facts:Built 1905-1910 as apartment and office complex.
Declared UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Highlights:No straight walls anywhere in the apartment.
Espantabruixes (witch-scarers) are weird chimneys, air ducts.

Perdrera roof
One chimney
Perdera from the outside
Perdera from the outside
Outdoor hallway

Click on the clues to find the whole picture!
Sagrada exterior facade
Sagrada Familia
Three Wise Kings detail
View of Sagrada ceiling

Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia

Facts: Begun in 1882.
Gaudi worked from 1909-1926 on this church.
Construction still in progress.
Highlights: Eighteen bell towers planned, the tallest (170m) for Christ.
Two intricately-designed facades-- "Nativity" and "Passion".

FOUND: the great architectural contributions of Antoni GaudÝ, whose untimely death (he was run over by a tram) in 1926 put an end to his work.


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