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Moulay Idriss: Morocco's Most Holy City

Up until 70 years ago, non-Muslims couldn't even come Moulay Idriss. This town in the mountains is Morocco's holiest cities. They are still very strict about strangers, though, and won't let me stay the night. It's ok, because I at least get to enjoy this beautiful city while I'm here!

The people in Moulay Idriss are Islamic and very religious. I wear a long skirt and wrap my head in a scarf so that the men don't look at me funny. Women in Moulay Idriss must keep themselves covered with clothing at all times.

I try to find my own way down narrow streets to a place where I can get a good view of the city. I get very lost, though, and meet a boy named Mohammed. Him and his friends show me the way. No wonder I couldn't find it, I think to myself as they lead me through hidden stairways and small streets.

Finally, at the top, I get a great view of Moulay Idriss. Wow! What a sight!

It is getting dark and I know I must leave. I rush down the narrow street with Mohammed and his friends and flee the city, just as darkness begins to settle in.

Boy, now I know how Cinderella must have felt when she had to leave the ball before midnight! I almost turned into a pumpkin!


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