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Adios Morocco! We had a ball!

Morocco is a great country. It is full of amazing landscapes, fascinating goods, and generous people. As the trekkers move onto Spain, "Ole!", we have to admit that Morocco lived up to many of our preconceived ideas about it. Not only did we travel to ancient ruins and high mountains, but met wonderful people who showed us the true meaning of hospitality. It was a short trip, but one we will not soon forget.

Click image for larger view
Casablanca welcomes the world trekkers!
We started it off with a big party! Monica had her twenty-sixth birthday just as we arrived. It was great for us because we got to run around the market finding things for her birthday breakfast. That night, we were shown a excellent time by Ali and his friends in Marrakech. Ali had a huge feast that just thinking about now makes my mouth water! Then it was dancing until late in the evening. Monica said it was the best birthday she'd ever had.

Click image for larger view
P-A-R-T-Y! A
celebration for Monica at the Keita's home in Marrakech
Soon, though, we got down to work. We learned about the Berber communities of the High Atlas Mountains. We even got to stay with a Berber family in Ozoud. There we tried really hard to learn some Arabic. It was really difficult, but we learned a couple of key phrases.
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Berber family we stayed with
Abeja and Kavitha managed to hike to Atlas' shoulder. It wasn't easy, though. They spent a good two days hiking. And then on the way down, Kavitha twisted her ankle. Och! But it was still a great time. They got to see the highest peak in all of North Africa. And of course they met some nice people along the way.

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Kavi rests
at the path leading to South, where the mountians become desert
Pretty much the best part of Morocco was our stay in Marrakech late in the trip. There, Prince Ali treated the trekkers like princesses. We were so comfortable and so well fed that we actually felt bad. We had been so used to living within the limits of our usual style that we were spoiled very easily. But, soon we broke the spell and were out on the streets of Marrakech visiting the people and taking in the sites. Kavitha met a snake charmer, and the trekkers tried cooked snails. Bleck! Abeja said they were good, but Kavitha thought they were a bit slimy. So we all went to get some french fries. Yum!

Click image for larger view
princesses dresed in their finest threads
Morocco was great. And Spain is going to be just as good, even though technically we're "just passing through." Stay tuned!


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