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A Marrakech Fairy Tale

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The knight in shining armor - Prince Ali
Once upon a time four young trekkers from a far away land came to visit the royal city of Marrakech in the kingdom of Morocco. When they arrived their knight in shining armor, Prince Ali, greeted them and invited them to his royal palace.

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The princesses dressed in their finest threads
The four trekkers were treated like princesses. Dinner that night was a feast fit for a king. There were roasted chickens, salads, fresh breads, olives and rice. The cups were full of fine wines and juices. The baskets were full of fruits and homemade cakes. "Ali, thank you so much for everything. Your family has given us so much," said Abeja after dinner. "Can you please recommend a hotel for us?" "No. While you are here in Marrakech you are our guests. You will stay with us -- there is always enough room," said Ali. "It is our custom to welcome all travelers into our home."

So, the four trekkers stayed with Ali and his generous family in the beautiful palace. Every day they received the same royal treatment. They would wake up and eat a breakfast of fresh pastries, teas, fruits and cheeses. Then Ali, or someone in his family, would take them to visit all the best spots of Marrakech.

Prince Ali's Moroccan hospitality has turned our trekkers into princesses!


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