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The Real Land of Oz

We were not off to see the wizard, but we were off to a place called Oz. Like Dorothy we made new friends along the way who made our visit nice. Their town is called Ozoud, Oz for short. It is high in the mountains of Morocco. We drove up a long, twisting road for hours to get there. Instead of a yellow brick road, everything seemed to be covered in red dirt.

People stopped and stared at us as we drove by waving hello. Not very many cars pass through these tiny towns. The people here lead simple lives. They spend the day walking down to the river for water, raising sheep for food, drinking delicious mint tea and talking to each other.

When we finally arrived in Oz, Monica wanted to go swimming. I don't know how she talked me into it, but she convinced me to jump off the Ozoud Waterfall with her. Ahhhhhhh! It's one of the highest waterfalls in Africa. It was fun, but the water was super cold. We swam until it was time for a yummy dinner. Oz really is a magical place.


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