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Kevin Gets a Souvenir from Africa: Malaria

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Remember that dispatch we wrote all about malaria? Well, Kevin decided to give us a first-hand example of what it's like to get it!!! He was pretty sick for a couple days so we took him to the hospital here in Dakar, Senegal. They figured out it was malaria and kept him for several days, giving him some drugs and rehydrating him.

His fever reached 104F at one point. We all took shifts sitting with him: Monica all night and morning, Jasmine the afternoon, Kavitha the evening shift, and Abeja the next morning and so on. When he started getting his appetite back, Kavitha brought him some soup she made. He started cracking jokes again, and we knew we had our Kevin back!

So he's out of the hospital now and feeling a lot better, but he's going to take a few weeks off from Trekking. He's flying to stay with his girlfriend and her family in Tel Aviv, Israel, where they'll take care of him. Then he'll rejoin us in Egypt - our next destination - where we'll spend six weeks.

The rest of us are heading to Morocco where we get to spend a couple weeks. Then we'll go to Egypt, stopping in Spain and Greece on the way.

Check back for more on our adventures in these amazing places. Wish Kevin well, and look for more from him in a few weeks!


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