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Education is a Girl's Best Friend

Best of luck Kadi! She is the new coordinator for SAGE in Mali.
The closest school is over 8 miles away. This means you have to cross through 2 streams and 3 villages to get there. A few of the boys in the village go to school, but there seems to be no reason for more children to go. The boys that go to school only go until they are 12 (that's only the 6th grade!). Only a few of the girls in the villages go to school. That is why we have a hard time talking with most of the women here- most don't know how to read or write, or speak French (the national language). However, girls' education is getting more important all the time. SAGE (Strategies for Advancing Girls Education) is a special interest group whose main purpose is to help girls' education.

My new friend Kadiatou, or Kadi, is the head of SAGE here in Mali. She is excited about her job because she gets to work for something she believes in and be at home at the same time! The things that Kadi and SAGE are doing are really important for the health and safety of all the people that live in Mali. Now, hopefully, all the little boys and girls in all the villages will get to go to school!

For more information on SAGE contact:

May Rihani
SAGE Project Director and Senior VP
Academy for Educational Development
1825 Connecticut Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20009-5721

For more information on the project in Mali contact:
Ms Doucoure Kadiatou Coulibaly
SAGE/GEA Project
c/o World Education
B.P. 2137
Bamako, Mali


p.s. - Please e-mail me at


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