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Pirogue: a Traditional Boat Ride up River

Follow along my "River" of thoughts as I attempt to re-capture the essence of my trip down the Bano River in a pirogue (PIH-ROAG) guided by my friend Alliye (AL-LEE-YEH).

The following words in the poem are pronounced like this:

pirogue - PIH-ROAG
Alliye - AL-LEE-YEH.

Click image for larger view
Monica floating down the Bani River

Life on the river--

         the pirogue moves lazily

               through muddy water.

                            Alliye tells me,

        "Listen!" to cattle mooing...

they eat on the river banks.


I smell the green grass

      and look at the high blue sky.

                 There is peace here.

       Donkeys cross the bridge.

   Women, baskets on their heads

                  walk to the market.
Click image for larger view
One of Monica's fellow travelers
Our boat floats

       under the bridge, around the

           bend in the river.


               Alliye moves the boat

            with a long pole. 

     He knows how to fish.

Click image for larger view
Another gorgeous sunset in Mali
                Pirogues, like this one

        cross the river on trips

  between towns.


Hear the waves.

     The river flows.

           Slowly we cross it.


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Kevin - All the Way Out in Timbuktu!

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