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Making A Difference: Cracking Down on Population Growth

In Monica's UNICEF dispatch today, she explains how one day in 1999 the human population will reach SIX billion people, for the first time in world history. To find out what the world population is right now, click here. This will also mark the first time in history that any generation will witness the tripling of world population. Rapid population growth impacts our world in many ways: environmental devastation; lack of health care and medical supplies; poverty and hunger; increased traffic jams; overcrowded schools; and many more. There are lots of ways that young people can help decrease the negative effects of rapid population growth

A great way to start is to order a free Count Down to Six Billion Wall Chart to share with your classmates and teachers this fall. This Wall Chart was created by Zero Population Growth (ZPG), a national nonprofit organization working to slow population growth and achieve a sustainable balance between the Earth's people and its resources. ZPG seeks to protect the environment and ensure a high quality of life for present and future generations.

Each section on this wall chart highlights a different population-related theme from children's health to biodiversity loss to water consumption. Did you know, for example, that the world's people have consumed more goods and services since 1950 than all previous generations put together? Or that in the next nine months, enough cars will be added to the world fleet to clog 3,000 miles of six-lane highways?

Each theme also suggests "What you can do" to address the issues discussed each month, such as buying vintage clothes to cut down on the consumption of raw materials or volunteering to build houses, or staffing a shelter to help others improve their lives.

For more great (free!) activities and information, including newsletters and Population Awareness Campaign Kits (PACKs), check out the Just for Students section of ZPG's website. Young people are in a position to really impact our global communities and each of you can make many choices along the way to ensure a bright future for everyone. Start now!

Some of the information above was provided by Zero Population Growth, Inc.

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