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Jasmine is Jammin' in Africa

I'm in Africa, can you believe it!!! After a whole day of flying, I finally landed in Bamako, the capital city of Mali. But first I made a stop in New York City where I saw the Empire State Building. From over 100 stories up you can see all of New York!

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Goood Morning Mali!
My first days alone in Bamako were an adventure. I couldn't speak the language, and honestly, I was very afraid. It was night when I arrived and very dark. A very nice Fulani man who spoke English got me a taxi to my hotel. This hotel was right on the Niger River, and when I woke up the next morning I opened my window to a beautiful scene. In the quiet of dawn two fishermen went floating by in a canoe as I watched my first sunrise in the motherland - Africa. I was no longer afraid, the dark scary night was over, and Africa was beautiful.

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Me and my new friends from Mali
After a few days Kavitha and Abeja arrived from Cote D Ivoire. And a few days later we bumped into Kevin and Monica as they arrived from Burkina Faso. It was great to finally meet the Odyssey World Trekkers, and it was hard to believe that I was now a member of the team.

I'm really looking forward to the Mali experience, and even more to sharing all of these things with each of you.


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