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Ask Dr. Ocloo: Women's Job Training 101

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Dr. Ocloo and I smile for the camera!
Imagine being hungry without any money to buy food. You beg your family, who doesn't have any money to spare, for some change. An aunt pulls through with 10 shillings. What would you do with it? You could buy some lunch or you could try to turn the money into more money. How can you do that? Abeja and I met a sweet 80-year old woman, Dr. Esther Ocloo, who told us just how she did it! She bought the ingredients to make marmalade, and sold the jars of marmalade on the street. In one hour, she turned 6 shillings into 12! But she didn't stop there.

She kept selling marmalade while she went to school. Her teachers were so excited with her business that they invited her to supply the school with marmalade 2 times a week. After 6 years, Dr. Ocloo saved enough money to go to England to study agriculture. She brought back all that she learned to her country and began to help poor people and women. She has led lots of programs to train women to be successful and resourceful.

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Suits made and sold by local women who have been trained by Dr. Ocloo.
Dr. Ocloo has started 8 big projects. She has taught local women to make suits, palm oil, beads and handicrafts. One of her latest project helps young people to become interested in farming. She calls it a Youth Farm. She invites students to manage and live on the farm. By raising money from growing crops, the students can pay for the expenses of running the farm. Another project she is working on involves cooking by using the sun's energy instead of a stove.

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Dr. Ocloo attempts solar cooking...perhaps a next project?
She is an inspiration! Where there is a will, there really is a way!


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