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Leaving on Jet Plane :-(

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Shawn enjoying the good life on Lago Atitlan
Shawn and the rainforest - from 100 feet up!

Travelling around the world isn't always as great as it seems. You get to deal with mosquitoes, weird bugs, funky illnesses, and lack of sleep. And quite frankly, I'm exhausted! In half a year, I have been in 16 countries and spent more than 500 hours on buses. My heart really, really wants to continue to Mali, Egypt, Israel, Iran, Turkey, India and China, but my body just isn't going to make it. After months of being sick and in pain from my arthritis it is time for me to fly home.

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Who will win - Shawn or the computers?
The Odyssey has been a dream come true, though. It will be hard to ever match this adventure. I have met three Nobel Peace Prize winners and thousands of other amazing people. I have seen everything from towering mountains to flat, empty desert. I have learned more in the last few months than in two years of college.

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No wonder Thomsini and Senzo liked my long hair!
Although I must go home, it is comforting to know that the team will continue on their journey! I think what I will miss most about the Odyssey is travelling with such a wonderful group of people. I think I have learned as much from them as from my travels. I will miss them all terribly until we have our big reunion party in San Francisco.

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Land at last! Hey wait, this isn't La Palma!

Yes, the Odyssey has had its share of hardships, but as I think about all I've seen and learned over the past six months, I know the hardest part will be saying goodbye.


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