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No Soda Allowed!

Zimbabwe has some strange rules about soft drinks - but the result is cleaner streets. What do you think - is it worth it?

In Zimbabwe, soft drinks are mostly sold in glass bottles, which are pretty expensive. So, instead of buying a soda WITH the bottle, in Zimbabwe you usually pay for your soda - and then trade in one empty glass bottle for a full one. Also, you can pay a deposit for a new bottle, then, once you finish your drink and return the bottle - you get your deposit back.

Why would people go to so much trouble for a drink? Well, first of all, by turning in all the empty bottles - there is a lot less garbage on the street. Also, the work of making and cleaning the bottles provides jobs for many people. For example, in nearby Botswana, aluminum cans have been introduced to replace glass. There, the streets and fields are now littered with empty cans.

So - if it helped keep our streets clean - would you save your glass bottles to trade in for a fresh soda?

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