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Our Meating Was Not A Coincidence!

Jedis Monica and Kevin
Jedi Qui-Gon Jin said to Anakin Skywalker's mother, "our meeting was not a coincidence," just before the young boy freed himself from the planet of Tatooine. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace recently opened in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, and I bet I have seen it more times than most of you. I have seen it four times, Monica saw it three days in a row, and our new friend, Jonathan, has seen the movie trailer stored on his laptop a few dozen times. Besides being star wars fans, the three of us are also all meat eaters (unlike the other three Trekkers, who are vegetarians).

From our hotel room on the edge of the Hwange National Forest, Jonathan and I saw an entire herd of elephants come out of the forest and head to a small pond for their early evening drink. We could also see small groups of impala (miniature antelope) wandering around, a pack of six zebras huddling around the huge baobab tree, and 300 or more buffalo crossing the field.

Click image for larger view
A group of impalas (members of the antelope family).
Seeing all these animals roaming around made me hungry for dinner and grateful that Jonathan liked meat also. I began one of my nightly rituals with a crocodile salad. This meat is chewy like chicken, but tastes more like fish. I've also tried main courses like fillets of both impala and eland as well as kudu stew. Eland and kudu are in the antelope family. My favorite dish so far has been sautéed ostrich with slices of green pepper and onion, marinated in a port wine and garlic sauce.

Click image for larger view
I'd recommend an ostrich feast to anyone...
While cruising down the road one day in a taxi, Jonathan and I pulled over for a typical Zimbabwean lunch at a braai stop. The only thing left in the butcher shop was goat meat. The butcher pulled out a whole goat from the freezer. He was missing only the head and innards. In fact the head was still sitting in a bucket on the floor! Even I thought it was disgusting! The woman butcher took her ax and cut straight through the goat's frozen ribs. She then let us cut our own piece of goat and we paid only $30Zim (less than US$1).

Click image for larger view
I'll get you Mr. Warthog... and eat you up too!
Not only have I seen the many animals of Zimbabwe, but I've also really been able to get a taste of the country... literally! However, Monica and I have been told that we really shouldn't leave Zimbabwe without having tried warthog. I'm glad that we're still staying around here for a few more weeks of breakfast, lunch and dinner!


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