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Paint a Perfect Picture

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Got to get the word out
Kavitha told us all about the problem of HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe, and we were left wondering, "Well, what in the world can we do to help?" Well, you don't have to be in Zimbabwe to help raise awareness and help Make a Difference! AIDS is a worldwide epidemic, and just like Kindness, Hazvinei, and Tatenda, you can do something to spread the word.

Have you ever noticed a billboard for Coke, Pepsi, or Levi's that just caught your eye? You know those ads that just stick with you? Well, that is what advertising is all about. Making you stop in your tracks and making the product swim through your head. Wouldn't it be great if some of those catchy ads were about HIV/AIDS awareness? Well, here is your chance to become the advertising genius you know you are and do it for a great cause!

Here's how you can make a difference. First of all, do a little more research about HIV and AIDS. You can use the following websites to get statistics and information that might trigger some creative ideas:

Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (see "Africa Partnership")
Info Web
Thrive Online
American Health Network

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This poster won a competition
Then think about what you want your poster to look like and what the message should be that will get people's attention and make them think.

Now it's time to start on the poster itself. Get some blank pieces of posterboard and paint, draw, or type your message about AIDS/HIV awareness on the posterboard. You can include facts, figures, and slogans. Take Manfred's example "Think Positive-Stay Negative!" and "Take control of your life, you've got a lot to gain if you don't spoil it." Then post them around your school, community centers, after school programs, and anywhere else you can get permission!

Good luck, and thanks for caring!

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