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Traveling in Fairyland: Visiting Swaziland's Colorful Culture and Wildlife

Map of Swaziland
Kings, queens, princes, and wild beasts -- Shawn and I have traveled to the land of fairytales! Swaziland, the smallest country in the southern half of the world and one of the few kingdoms left in the world, is definitely magical. When the people speak, it is as if they are singing. Their native language, Siswati, is quick and bouncing, like a gazelle or a hip-hop song. But when they speak English, which most do, it is like poetry.

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Emma and Sibongile share a laugh outside our hostel

For example, today I asked a man on the street for directions to the Post Office. His reply went something like this: --You move straight, do not turn, until you reach the place where the water bubbles up from the ground. Then you will move left, down the hill.

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Moon Over Fairyland
I wandered off smiling, thinking about a mountain spring here in the middle of the city of Mbanane. My smile broke with laughter when I saw the empty blue concrete fountain where he told me to turn. An American would have said, "Ya go straight 'til ya hit the fountain, then turn left." My country could learn a little magic from the Swazis.

Swazi Music

You can hear Swazi drumming and singing yourself... you'll have to close your eyes to imagine the dancing!

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Speaking of magic, Shawn and I were lucky enough to see a performance of traditional drumming, dancing, and singing.

Don't think that the music of Southern Africa is all just tribal music. Lots of great jazz, rock, hip-hop, rap, and reggae comes from this part of the world, too.

Enjoy! I know I did!


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