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Window into a South African Home

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The whole gang gathered around for a traditional braii (AKA: delicious feast!).
Sunday was my lucky day! Candice, a friend of mine that I met travelling in Peru, invited me to a traditional braai, otherwise known as a barbecue, at her mother's home outside Cape Town. The visit was just what I needed - good food, a hot bath, nice people, and I got to play the piano.

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Feeding the goose with the leg!
Me and the birds enjoying their own feast!
What a feast! Candice's mother and stepfather, Lyn and Harry, live on a golf course. They have a small lake in their back yard and a view of the mountains. It's beautiful. When Lyn calls out to the birds, they come and eat the breakfast, lunch, and supper that she serves them. I was as happy as the crakes, starlings, and geese to eat a delicious meal with Candice's family. We ate braai-ed fish that Harry prepared, Lyn's salad, potatoes and pumpkins, and bread. For dessert we were treated to baked apples and ice cream, with lots of chocolate sauce. Hmmmmmmmmm! I couldn't have been happier.

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Candice with her stepfather and mother.
Dusk light hits the Hottentot mountains behind Candice's mom's house.
Candice knew how happy I was to be in a pleasant, clean home after I had spent months backpacking. She even offered to do my laundry, but I didn't want to make her smell my dirty socks and underwear. I did, however, take her up on her offer to take a bath. Believe it or not, I hadn't taken a bath in over a month and a half. I needed the washing. When I got out of the tub, happy as a clam, she offered to let me play on her piano. I played the piano growing up, but I hadn't touched a keyboard since I left the states. It was wonderful to play pieces with her. She even had the same music books I had growing up, so I felt very much at home!


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