The Odyssey



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Here are more questions the students from Sinethembe High School asked us.

MFUNDO: Do children in schools have corporal punishment?

AMANDA: I would like to say, why did the Odyssey come to South Africa and why did you choose this high school? I would like to know if you have orchestras in your high schools and what kind of music you play? What kinds of music competitions or concerts do you have?

MZIWONKE (also known as Templeton): As youth here in South Africa, we need people who will motivate our youth to participate in community service, to form groups which will construct, not destroy. We need groups like this to tell us about the whole world, tell us about the reality. My experience is that youth are not interested in doing something for the community. They need to have opportunities. They need to be taught you have to give to get in this world.

NOMPUMELELO: Do you have preschool in the USA? Starting at what age are you a student? Do you have films of South Africa there? What subjects do you study?

BRENDA: I would like to know what kinds of things do you like in the US?

THABISA: Can I do tourism in the United States? Like an exchange program?

Sinethembe Asks Questions